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Requirements for Information Materials

1. General requirements for Customer Content

In cases specified in the 2GIS Services Use Agreement http://law.2gis.ae/rules, the Customer is given the opportunity to post, edit and delete images, text, audio and video materials, as well as other objects of copyright and (or) related rights (Content), including the following Content:

Photographs — Photographs of Organizations and Photographs of Objects.

Photographs of organizations — photographs that explicitly relate to the activities of a legal entity/individual entrepreneur (organization), information about which is contained in the Business Listing, linked to the profile of the organization and posted for the purpose of informing Users about the organization and activities that it carries out.

Photographs of objects — the image of a natural object (lake, river, etc.) and/or an object resulting from human activities: a building, a structure, parks, squares, streets, other objects; information on which is contained in the 2GIS Products. Photographs of objects should reflect the general impression of a natural object or an object that is the result of human activity, help orient oneself on the terrain.

Comment — an explanation to the Photo, placed in a special field accessible to the Customer when loading the Photo.

Reviews are Customers’ opinions about their customer experience as a result of cooperation with legal entities/individual entrepreneurs (companies), information about which can be found in the Directory of companies. They are linked to a company profile available in the Directory of companies, and published by the Customer for the purpose of informing other Customers about the goods, works, services that are being sold.

Customer Content should follow the requirements defined by the 2GIS Services Use Agreement, placed and/or accessible on the Internet at http://law.2gis.ae/rules as well as the Requirements stated herein

2. Requirements for Photos and Comments published by the User.

2.1. Photos should be relevant to the Organization: contain an image of the process of providing services / performing work, the process of selling goods (for example, images of racks of goods, groups of goods, decoration of shop windows), contain images of the interior of the User’s premises used by them to carry out their activities. Photos that are added to a map or navigator Object must explicitly display the selected object.

2.2. It is forbidden to post Photos containing text on the Website (exception: photo of pricelists or catering menus);

2.3. It is forbidden to post images created with the help of a graphic editor and neural networks (exception: renderings of new buildings, as well as examples of the work of organizations whose main activity is the creation of graphic images and three-dimensional models);

2.4. It is forbidden to post screenshots and Photos with added frames;

2.5. It is forbidden to post Photos containing information about promotions, incentives, and advertising information conducted by the User and/or its partners;

2.6. It is forbidden to post Photos containing obviously false information or misleading information;

2.7. It is forbidden to post Photos containing information calling for violation of applicable UAE law;

2.8. It is forbidden to post Photos containing links to resources on the Internet, the content of which is contrary to applicable UAE law;

2.9. It is forbidden to post Photos containing offensive, pornographic, frightening information, as well as information that causes rejection and/or promotes violence;

2.10. It is forbidden to post Photos containing images of weapons and/or products that are structurally similar to weapons. Exceptions are Photos containing images of items structurally similar to weapons and used in the process of paintball, laser tag, airsoft, etc. Photos depicting underage participants in paintball, laser tag, airsoft, as well as participants without special equipment are forbidden;

2.11. It is forbidden to post Photos containing images of nude or semi-nude persons and that display erotic goods;

2.12. It is forbidden to post Photos that disclose personal data and other confidential information about third parties in the absence of the written consent of the persons depicted in the Photos;

2.13. Upon receipt of a substantiated complaint (including in connection with infringement of trademark rights or other means of individualization) against a photo from the copyright holder or a person authorized by the copyright holder, the photo will be deleted.

2.14. The Photos must be of good quality and meet the following requirements: proportions should not exceed 1:5 on any side, the minimum side of the Photo (length and width) should be 600 px, the maximum side should be 7000 px; allowed extensions: jpg or png; he size of the Photo should be no more than 10 MB. Posting of blurred, incorrectly rotated, too dark or overexposed Photos is not allowed.

3. Requirements for Publication of Reviews:

3.1. Reviews should contain the User’s personal customer experience (experience of purchasing goods and/or services, experience of visiting a place).

The following shall not be considered a customer experience:

  • refusal of a representative of an organization to provide goods or services (e.g. refusal of a bank or pawnshop to issue a loan/credit, refusal of a clinic to send a doctor to the patient’s home, refusal to sell the relevant goods without presenting a passport, and any other refusal as required by UAE law or for other reasons);
  • cases where the organization was physically closed and did not serve visitors (even during business hours);
  • customer refusal to purchase based on their own decision (too high prices, not satisfied with the range, no desire to buy);
  • description of the situation by friends, acquaintances or third parties;
  • conclusions about the work of the organization, made on the basis of publications, promotional materials, advertising, range of goods or services, pricing policy of the organization, etc;
  • texts indirectly related to the place (e.g., «Here we had our first date,» «I do not like their advertising policy,» «All this style — it’s too aggressive, as if pressured,» «I would not recommend to buy from those who allow themselves such slogans»).

3.2. It is forbidden to publish any material that calls for a violation of applicable UAE law.

3.3. Self-promotion is forbidden: publication of reviews to promote or support the interests of a particular organization, advertising links, and the publication of layouts and other advertisements. It is forbidden to post reviews to representatives of affiliated companies: advertising, PR and marketing agencies, advertising managers, account managers, etc., as well as other persons who may be interested in the company’s high rating in 2GIS.

3.4. It is forbidden to publish negative reviews about competitors of the company in which the User works, as well as to intentionally lower the rating (mass publication of negative ratings from different accounts from one user/group of users in collusion).

3.5. Users are not allowed to post reviews about the companies they work for.

3.6. It is forbidden to use more than one account to post reviews about the same places. It is forbidden to falsify the results of company ratings.

3.7. It is forbidden to indicate the name of the competitor in the review. At the same time, it is allowed to compare the quality of goods and services, prices and other components of the customer experience with companies of the same profile in the city or area, without directly naming them.

3.8. If it is impossible to identify the case according to the text of the review and the review does not contain details of reference to the company in the form of a combination of the date, time of reference and information about the situation (composition of goods/services or order number, contract, receipt, allowing to identify the author), then the company representative in the official response to the review has the right to request clarifying information from the author in order to identify the case described in the review and take measures to eliminate its causes, namely:

  • date and time of reference to the company;
  • the last four digits of the phone number;
  • the contract or order number;
  • to request details of reference to the company, allowing to identify the author.
  • other data that will help the company understand which case is involved.

The author of the review should answer the company’s question with a comment on the review or edit the review and help the company identify the case described in the review (for example, by attaching a photo of the receipt) within 4 calendar days. If the author is unable to provide the information requested by the company, the month or approximate date of receipt of the service should be provided, and details of the request should be described to identify the case described in the review, if they are not described in the review.

If within 4 calendar days the author of the review does not respond to the official request of the company in the comments or in the edited review, then after the moderation of the complaint sent by a representative of the company through the Personal Account, the review gets the status of «Unconfirmed» and is no longer considered in the rating of the company. The author can restore the review through the application only together with a clarifying response to the official comment of the company.

The rule does not apply to cases:

  • where the company offers another channel to respond (write to personal messages, e-mail, contact by phone, and so on), because in this case the communication takes place outside of the public dialogue;
  • where the company asks the author to provide their personal data for contact (phone number, e-mail address and other data), in such cases, the author has the right not to contact;
  • if more than 1 year has passed since the review was published.

3.9. Reviews describing the experience of receiving customer service are allowed even if the customer did not purchase a service from the company: consulting a salesperson in a store, placing an order in a restaurant (even if the product, service, or meal was not purchased as a result). The exceptions are the cases listed in clause 3.1 (for example, the refusal of a company representative to provide goods or services due to lack of technical or other capabilities, as well as situations when the company for some reason does not work during business hours).

3.10. It is allowed to post reviews, telling about the customer experience of children under 14 years old, the elderly, as well as incapacitated relatives — those who cannot write a review themselves, provided that the User posting the review, was a participant in the events described in the review.

3.11. It is forbidden to publish several identical reviews in a row about one organization or to publish identical reviews (duplicates) about all branches of one organization or about different organizations.

3.12. It is forbidden to post reviews in response to someone else’s reviews.

3.13. It is forbidden to stylize the text of the review under another literary genre or type (poem, play, fairy tale, fable), making it difficult to perceive the essence of what is stated.

3.14. It is forbidden to intentionally violate common rules of spelling and punctuation, to alternate upper and lower case letters, to publish reviews with a predominance of upper case text («capslock») or to try to stretch the text of the review to the minimum allowed length by using extra characters, such as repeated brackets or ellipses.

3.15. It is forbidden to write reviews of events that occurred more than 3 years prior to writing the review.

3.16. It is forbidden to evaluate an organization as an employer (real or potential), to evaluate an organization based on the results of an interview.

3.17. It is forbidden to publish photos in reviews that do not directly relate to the customer experience and do not illustrate the work of the organization or the quality of work, goods purchased in it. Hearts, smiles, pictures depicting emotions, animals and rainbows cannot be used to illustrate a review.

3.18. It is allowed to publish in the reviews photos taken by other authors, but related to the work of the company (goods, interior, showcases, dishes).

3.19. If there is a valid complaint about the photo from the copyright holder or a person authorized by the copyright holder, the photo will be removed.

3.20. Nonsensical messages (flooding), repetition, insults, swearing, and spam are forbidden in comments to reviews. It is forbidden to use comments to post texts of reviews that violate the rules of publication, to post personal data of employees of the company or the User.

3.21. Any emotional negative characteristics of people — employees, customers of organizations and other Service Users are forbidden in reviews, photos and comments to reviews and official responses of organizations. In particular, insults based on the nationality, religion, political views and level of intelligence of the people described are not allowed.

3.22. It is forbidden to use obscene language, profanity and any derivatives thereof. The use of partially disguised profanity is also a violation.

3.23. It is allowed to say negative things about a particular organization, its products or services without getting personal.

3.24. It is allowed to evaluate the work of the company’s website/application as a customer experience only if the company’s service is provided only in this way (online stores, cab ordering services, delivery services) and the User has made an order.

The presence/absence/speed of sites and applications of companies with traditional ways of providing services cannot be evaluated.

4. Violation of any provision of these Requirements will result in the following consequences:

  • The Content may be hidden or deleted;
  • The provision of the corresponding service and/or additional services may be limited or terminated otherwise.
  • The sanctions for violation of these Requirements are applied at the Contractor’s discretion without any necessity of prior notice or providing any further explanation.

Rev. as of 7/07/2023

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