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Rules of tracking the Advertisement clicks/impressions

For advertising materials placed through Second-Price auction

The Contextual Advertising shall be placed from the date agreed upon by the Parties in the Quotation.

Placement of the Contextual Advertising shall be suspended from the moment when the total cost of the Advertisement clicks in the current month becomes equal to the amount of the Advertising budget of the Advertiser for the current month specified in the Quotation. If placement of the Contextual Advertising is specified in the Quotation for the next month, placement of the Contextual Advertising shall resume from the first day of the next month.

These Rules shall be also applicable to the Media Advertisement, if the Parties have agreed on the Advertising budget for the month in accordance with Quotation

Current version of the Rules is available online on the website: http://law.2gis.ae/counting-clicks.

Revised January 09, 2020

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