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Requirements as amended on February 18, 2020 (inoperative from May 18, 2020)

1. General requirements for Customer Content

In cases specified in the 2GIS Services Use Agreement http://law.2gis.ae/rules, the Customer is given the opportunity to post, edit and delete images, text, audio and video materials, as well as other objects of copyright and (or) related rights (Content), including the following Content:

Photographs - Photographs of Organizations and Photographs of Objects.

Photographs of organizations - photographs that explicitly relate to the activities of a legal entity/individual entrepreneur (organization), information about which is contained in the Business Listing, linked to the profile of the organization and posted for the purpose of informing Users about the organization and activities that it carries out.

Photographs of objects - the image of a natural object (lake, river, etc.) and/or an object resulting from human activities: a building, a structure, parks, squares, streets, other objects; information on which is contained in the 2GIS Products. Photographs of objects should reflect the general impression of a natural object or an object that is the result of human activity, help orient oneself on the terrain.

Comment - an explanation to the Photo, placed in a special field accessible to the Customer when loading the Photo.

Reviews are Customers' opinions about their customer experience as a result of cooperation with legal entities/individual entrepreneurs (companies), information about which can be found in the Directory of companies. They are linked to a company profile available in the Directory of companies, and published by the Customer for the purpose of informing other Customers about the goods, works, services that are being sold.

Customer Content should follow the requirements defined by the 2GIS Services Use Agreement, placed and/or accessible on the Internet at http://law.2gis.ae/rules as well as the Requirements stated herein

2. Requirements for Photographs and Comments published by the Customer

2.1. General requirements for Photographs and Comments published by the Customer

2.1.1. It is prohibited to publish Photographs containing only text on the Website (exceptions: photographs of public food service facilities' menus;.

2.1.2. It is prohibited to publish Photographs listing prices or information on promotional events and activities held by the Customer and/or its partners, as well as advertising information, images of certificates and diplomas, letters of thanks and other similar documents;

2.1.3. Photographs should be related to the Customer's business area and contain images of the process of rendering services/performing work, the process of selling goods (for example, images of rack with goods, groups of goods, shop-window), contain images of the interior of the Customer's facility which is used for selling goods, performing work or providing services.

2.1.4. It is prohibited to post photographs containing a price, photographs of signboards, if such an image is the main subject of the photograph;

2.1.5. It is prohibited to post photographs containing reference information (telephone, list of services provided, links to resources on the Internet, etc.);

2.1.6. It is prohibited to post photographs containing misleading information;

2.1.7. It is prohibited to post photographs containing information calling for a violation of the current legislation of the UAE;

2.1.8. It is prohibited to post photographs containing links to resources on the Internet, the content of which contradicts the current legislation of the UAE;

2.1.9. It is prohibited to post photographs containing logos (trademarks, service marks), if such an image will be the main subject of photograph;

2.1.10. It is prohibited to post photographs containing offensive, pornographic, violence-promoting information, as well as information related to tragic events, depicting attributes of funeral services, or  photographs of non-aesthetic highly specialized activities, for instance oral cavity, changes on the body, etc .;

2.1.11. It is prohibited to post photographs containing images of weapons and/or products that are structurally similar to weapons. The exception is photographs containing images of products that are structurally similar to weapons and used in the process of playing paintball, laser tag, airsoft, etc. Forbidden photographs that depict underage participants in the game of paintball, laser tag, airsoft, as well as participants without special equipment;

2.1.12. It is prohibited to post photographs containing images of naked or semi-naked people and/or showing erotic products;

2.1.13. It is prohibited to post photographs that disclose personal data and other confidential information about third parties in the absence of the written consent of the persons depicted in the photos;

2.1.14. It is prohibited to post photographs in which the image of a person is placed in the foreground (for example, a selfie, i.e. the image of which shows that the author of the photo shoots himself, photos of group of people, etc.).

It is prohibited to post photographs containing the image of a person, and not taken when shooting, which was held in places open to free attendance or at a public event.

2.1.15. Photographs should be high-quality. Blurred, misaligned or extremely dark photographs shall not be accepted.

2.1.16. It is prohibited to post photographs of single products, if they are the main object of photographs; photographs created for the product catalog (on a white or other monophonic background).

2.1.17. It is prohibited to post photographs created using a graphical editor.

2.1.18. If the main image of the photograph of object is  building, then the building should be reflected completely (long-distance plan). It is prohibited to place photographs of entrances, signs and other local parts of the building in the profile of the building.

2.2. Technical requirements to Photographs published by the Customer

  • Acceptable extensions: jpg, png, gif.
  • The ratio for any photograph edge to any other should not exceed 1:5.
  • Minimum edge dimension (width and height) is 600 px. maximum is 7000 px
  • Photo size should not be greater than 10 Mb.
  • Photographs should be simple and focus the viewer's attention on a single object.
  • Photographs should be visually attractive.
  • Photographs should be chosen with the Customer's target audience in mind. 

3. Requirements for the publication of reviews

3.1. Reviews should contain a User's personal customer experience. Not considered as customer experience: a refusal from a representative of a company to provide goods or services (for example: a bank or a pawnshop refuse to give a loan/loans, a clinic refuses to send a doctor to a user's house, refusal to sell a particular product without a passport, and any other refusals that comply with the requirements of the legislation of the UAE), as well as cases when a company does not work (is closed) during the working hours for some reason, telephone consultations. If later the service was provided, a user can refer to the previous case in the review.

3.2. Self-promotion is prohibited: to publish reviews in order to promote or support the interests of a particular company, to leave the advertising links, and publish layouts or other advertising. It is prohibited to publish reviews by representatives of affiliated companies, advertising, PR and marketing agencies, advertising managers, account managers, etc., as well as other persons who may be interested in the high rating of the company in 2GIS.

3.3. Unfair competition and negative PR are prohibited: publication of reviews, including photos, drawings, or collages negatively characterizing the competitors of a company where the Customer works, even if the Customer has the client experience.

3.4. It is prohibited to use multiple accounts for posting reviews. Any manipulation with a company rating is prohibited.

3.5. It is allowed to mention the companies almost of the same area in the reviews to compare the work made by two competitors, if the Customer is not involved to any of the companies that are being compared.

3.6. Reviews, not based on personal customer experience are prohibited: the description of the situation from the words of friends, acquaintances or third parties, conclusions about the work of company made on the basis of publications, promotional materials, advertising, range of products or services, pricing policies, etc.

3.7. It is allowed to leave reviews, telling about the customer experience of young children and the elderly — those who can't write a review, provided that a Customer who leaves this review was himself a participant of the events described in the review. Children older over 14 years old should write the reviews themselves.

3.8. It is prohibited to publish a text that is not a review and is not dedicated to the work of a particular company instead of a review (for example "This is where we went for our first date", "I do not like their advertising policy. All this style is too aggressive, you can feel the pressure. I would not recommend to buy from those who use such slogans").

3.9. It is prohibited to publish several similar reviews in a row about one company, or write the identical reviews (doubles) about all branches of the same company or different companies.

3.10. It is prohibited to publish reviews in response to other user's reviews.

3.11. It is prohibited to style the text as a different literary genre (poem, play, fairy tale, fable), which complicates understanding of the review.

3.12. It is prohibited to violate the generally accepted rules of spelling and punctuation, alternate uppercase and lowercase letters, post reviews with a predominance of the text in uppercase ("CapsLock").

3.13. Reviews with a predominance of information that is not related to company services are prohibited.

3.14. It is prohibited to assess the company as an employer (real or potential), assess a company following the results of an interview.

3.15. It is prohibited to publish photos that are not related directly to the customer experience and not illustrating the work of the company or the quality of the items purchased in it. Hearts, smileys, pictures depicting emotions, animals and a rainbow cannot be an illustration to a review.

3.16. If there is a justified complaint about a photo from the copyright owner or an entity authorized by the copyright owner, the photo will be deleted.

3.17. In reviews, photos to reviews and the official responses of companies it is prohibited to use any emotionally negative characteristics of people — employees, customers and other Users of the service.

3.18. Obscene vocabulary is prohibited.

3.19. It is only allowed to write negative statements concerning the activities of a particular company, its products or services without getting personal.

3.20. It is prohibited to evaluate the work of the company website or applications from a technical point of view (it is too slow, not adapted for mobile phones or tablets).

3.21. It is allowed to evaluate a website of an online store, or an application of a company only as part of the service (order, call, delivery) if they also publish the information about the rest of your customer experience (the receipt of goods, quality of goods).

3.22. It is prohibited to evaluate the busyness of the phone line in any company, except for the companies from the following categories: Foodstuff/Household products delivery, Food delivery, Flower delivery, Drinking water, Passenger cars order service, Internet providers, Mobile network operators.

3.23. It is prohibited to publish scans of passports, information from medical records and other personal data of a company client in reviews. If the author of a review complains that his full name was published in the comments/responses to a review/subsequent reviews, the published content will be deleted.

3.24. It is allowed to publish photos demonstrating the results of the use of purchased goods or changes that occurred as a result of receiving services. For example: a photo of a picture you drew with a comment on the quality of the watercolours you had bought; a photo of yourself (a selfie) if the picture demonstrates the quality of service or a product that can only be evaluated on a person (hair, makeup, clothes); a photo of a pet if it illustrates the results of the work of a company providing services for animals (veterinary clinics, hairdressers for animals etc.).

3.25. The service may not be used as a channel to attact traffic to a User's or a company representative's website: it is prohibited to provide links to personal blogs, sites, channels.

3.26. It is allowed to provide links to information resources (media, forums) and company websites, if the User does not work in this company.

3.27. In the review, along with a mandatory evaluation of the company service, it is allowed to ask a company information concerning their situation (a user was a participant of the happening events) or to leave constructive questions / suggestions regarding the work of a company. It is prohibited to challenge, criticize, and evaluate the decisions taken by the company in other users' cases, in which the User was not involved.

3.28. It is prohibited to publish any materials calling for the violation of the current legislation of the UAE.

3.29. It is prohibited to publish any materials with intent to make sarcasm or damage the reputation, prestige or stature of the State or any of its institutions or its president, vice-president, any of the rulers of the Emirates, their crown princes, or the deputy rulers of the Emirates, the State flag, the national peace, its logo, national anthem or any of its symbols.

3.30 It is prohibited to publish any materials which would promote or praise any programs or ideas which would prompt riot, hatred, racism, sectarianism, or damage the national unity or social peace or prejudice the public order and public morals.

4. Violation of any provision of these Requirements will result in the following consequences:

  • The Content may be hidden or deleted;
  • The provision of the corresponding service and/or additional services may be limited or terminated otherwise.
  • The sanctions for violation of these Requirements are applied at the Contractor's discretion without any necessity of prior notice or providing any further explanation.

Rev. as of 18/02/2020