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Requirements for Advertising Materials 01.03.2016 (ceased to be in force 01.04.2021)

1.   General requirements for graphic and text advertising materials  

Advertising materials text must consist of appropriate cohesive sentences/phrases.

The information in advertising material must be up-to-date.

Advertising material ethics

It is prohibited to use offensive and swear words, jargon and words associated with tragic events.

Contact information

Advertising materials cannot contain any contact information (telephones, addresses, web sites, ICQ numbers, Skype contacts). A user may find all contact information in a company card.

It is prohibited to add any contact information into advertising material if it is placed:

  • By using API 2GIS services, on separate Internet-platforms, web applications, in electronic directory (mobile version);
  • in electronic directory (PC version).

General exception

It is possible to specify:

  • telephone — it is possible to specify one telephone number only in advertising materials of taxi services, reference services, emergency services and other companies that work only with telephone orders; it is possible to specify several telephone numbers of taxi services if they have special cellular numbers apart from the main landline telephone numbers. It is recommended to place a call center number or the easiest to remember one;
  • It is possible to specify web site addresses only in advertisement of information sites, web portals, online shops;
  • It is possible to specify address/addresses of objects under construction to advertise new buildings, rent of premises, hotels, apartment offices (contact information is admitted if these addresses are not specified in free referential information of an advertiser’s card

For “Startup screen in online version”, “Startup screen in online version with video”, “Smart-banner”, “Media-context banner” positions an advertiser’s contact information may be specified (one telephone, one address, one web site, one ICQ number, one Skype contact, etc.)

Graphic advertising material content

For graphic advertising materials only one advertising material of one company must be placed in one advertising position.    

On the final slide of the “Startup screen in online version with video” position there must be an advertiser’s logo and slogan.

Information that is required for the placement in an advertising material in accordance with the current legislation must be in a horizontal position.

Text advertising materials content

Capital letters, spacing in text advertising materials

In text advertising materials it is necessary to use capital letters in order to write proper names and names correctly in terms of grammar or to begin a headline of advertising material with a capital letter. It is not allowed to write every word in a sentence with a capital letter.

It is prohibited to use the words written with CAPITAL LETTERS (Caps Lock).

The text typed in capital letters slows the reading down. The exceptions are the cases when a word is an abbreviation or is the name of a company/product/trademark and the right to write the whole word or a part of it with capital letters can be documented. All letter abbreviations are typed without full stops or spacing between letters (with CAPITAL LETTERS).

 It is prohibited to use the words written with s p a c i n g.

Tautology, repetitions in text advertising materials  

The repetition of one and the same word in a row is not allowed (for example: sale, sale, sale)

«Advertising in competitor’s profile» advertising position (placed in an electronic directory (PC version, Mobile version) consists of “Advertisement headline” and “Text of advertisement”. “Advertisement headline” must perform a headline function and contain a phrase/sentence that is completed in terms of the sense (it is recommended to specify a company name). It is prohibited to duplicate one and the same text in “Advertisement headline” and “Text of advertisement”.

Word contractions

In an advertising material text it is impossible to use contractions except generally accepted ones.

Punctuation marks, other marks and special characters in text advertising materials

It is not allowed to use the ellipsis or duplicate the punctuation marks in the text (Discounts… Discounts!!!)  without any reason,  to use strikeouts, smileys; ™, ©, ®, + and other special characters. Special characters may be used in the case if they are a part of a company/product/trademark name (for example: hotel “***”, study center “5+”). It is allowed to use special characters of the current industry standard (for example: open 24/7, Hotel 5*).

In advertising text an exclamatory mark may be used only once for the whole text of advertising position.  

Fonts, highlighting words in text advertising materials 

The font of the main text of an advertising material must be without any font types (non-italic and non-bold ones). This is the most readable format for users. It is prohibited to use bold font type as the font of the main text.

It is possible to highlight the words in advertising material. Underline the words in a way that will not disturb a user. There are several forms of highlighting: italic, bold types.

It is allowed to use bold type only to highlight the headings and key words/phrases on which the client wants to focus.

It is allowed to use italic type for quotations and links to a certain document, article or other as well as in the footnote text after the main text fragment. In other cases, italic text is prohibited.

It is prohibited to highlight the text by underlining it as it will be associated with a link.  

Advertising link

When filling in the advertising link field it is necessary to take into account that “Advertising link” position consists of two parts – advertising link alias and advertising link. It is necessary to fill in both fields. In alias field there may only be a text that must correspond to the advertising link. Advertising link must not lead to the main page of a web site.

2.    Technical requirements for advertising materials placed in 2GIS

Download Technical requirements 

Last updated: March 01, 2016