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2GIS Promotion Terms and Conditions

1.General Provisions

1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the procedure of organizing and conducting of the Promotion.

1.2. Advertising of 2GIS products and increase of the quantity of 2IS end-users are objectives of the Promotion. Promotion is not risk-based and is not a gambling.

1.3. For the purpose of the present Terms and Conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

The Prize means a reward in the form of property or rendering services, intended for transfer to the Winner/Winners in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

The Prize fund means a set of prizes, intended for transfer to the Winner/Winners in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

The Winner means a participant of the Promotion who in accordance with the Terms and Conditions win the Prize.

The Application — the Internet Platform, Web Application and other software owned or used by the Publisher or third parties engaged by the Publisher for the Placement of the Advertisement based on 2GIS Products.

TheWeb Application — a software program (including a program for mobile devices) installed at a user’s terminal of the User, by means of which 2GIS Products are displayed and/or presented to the Users using the API 2GIS services.

TheInternet Platform — a website (https://2gis.ae/dubai) located at a particular network address and used for presenting 2GIS Products obtained with use of the API 2GIS services for the Users.

2GIS Products— the Business Listings and/or Digital Maps that can be distributed in the form of separate copies for installation on hardware of the User or available for downloading from the Internet.

TheBusiness Listing — an electronic directory that includes information about names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites, types of goods produced and sold and services rendered, and other details of legal entities and sole proprietors residing within a particular Territory, as well as any other organizations at the discretion of its owner.

The Digital Map — an electronic map which includes GIS data on geographical locations and settlements within an area bounded by certain geographical coordinates.

1.4. 2GIS Advertising, having its registered address at: 16th floor, Empire Heights Tower A, Business Bay, P.O Box: 126355, Dubai - United Arab Emirates, is the Organizer of the Promotion.

1.5. The territory of the emirate in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman (UAE) is the venue of the Promotion.

1.6. These Terms and Conditions of the Promotion and the Rules, set out in the Information message in the 2GIS Application, constitute the unified Rules for the Promotion.

The Rules of the Promotion, as stated in the Information message, contain:

The territory of the Promotion, if it differs from that, which stipulated at clause 1.5. of the Rules;

The Promotion lasts from 06 of August 2018 till 19 of August 2018. The winner will be determined on August 20, 2018. The total period of promotion is 15 days, including the date of the winner determining.

The term of the of awarding of prizes. Unless otherwise specified, the period for issuing the prize is 2 (two) months from the date of the announcement of the Winner.

Information about prize fund;

The substance of the assignment; the evaluation criteria, if any, required by the terms of the assignment;

Information on the procedure for determining the winner;

Other information, incl. restrictions on participation in the Promotion, if any, under the Terms of the Promotion.

1.7. The Prize will be awarded at the following address 16th floor, Empire Heights Tower A, Business Bay, P.O Box: 126355, Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

1.8. The participation of the Promotion is voluntary and means the unconditional consent of the participants to the Terms and Conditions placed at: https://2gis.ae/dubai, and with License Agreement, Requirements for Information Materials.

1.9. These Terms and Conditions constitute a public offer addressed by the Organizer to all potential participants. The Participant accepts the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion by log on at 2GIS Application or at the time of the commission of certain actions constituting the essence of the assignment under the Terms of the Information Message.

1.10. The winner of the Promotion, providing freely, with his own will and in his interest to the Organizer the consent to the processing (i.e. any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction) of his or her personal data (including but not limited to the Name, Identification number, Passport/ID detail, place of birth, place of residence, telephone number, and others data necessary to Organizer) in accordance with clause 5 of the present Terms, for purposes of fulfilment Organizer’s obligations which have arisen or may arise in connection with the Promotion provision, including, but not limited to:

  • Contact with Participants in relation to the Promotion, including via internet, telecommunication networks, social networks, including the sending of SMS-messages;
  • providing certificates to receive a Prize, given to the Participant recognized as a Winner in accordance with these Terms;

The deadline for the processing of personal data is determined by the achievement of the goal of personal data processing, with the exception of cases of objection of the personal data subject from the processing of personal data and sending a document with a request to cease the processing of the personal data and to destroy the personal data to the Organizer.

1.11. In the event that the essence of the assignment require the presentation of the intellectual property object (like photographs, poems, reviews, etc.), the Participant represent and warrants that:

  • He or she is the legal right holder of the object represented within the framework of the Promotion and has exclusive rights on them;
  • the object do not violate UAE legislation, do not contain offensive information, as well as information that contradicts moral principles and universally recognized values;
  • the content of object does not violate the rights of third parties.

2. Method and procedure for informing about the terms and conditions of the Promotion

2.1. The Organizer informs the potential Participants about the Promotion by posting an information message in the Applications based on 2GIS Products and/or by other ways at this own discretion.

3. The Prize fund

3.1. The prize fund of the Promotion is formed from the funds of the Organizer before the Promotion is started. It is used exclusively for the provision of Prizes to the Winners of the Promotion.

3.2. The prize fund consists of 5 gifts (certificates to the Malls Emirates & City Centre) valued at 300 Dirhams each.

3.2. Winners of Prizes are determined among the Participants of Promotion. For each prize, only one Winner is determined.

4. Requirements to Participants of the Promotion

4.1. Participants of the Promotion may be natural person who simultaneously meet the following requirements:

4.1.1. past registration and/or authorization in 2GIS Application;

4.1.2. the participants younger than 18 years shall be accompanied by parents or lawful representatives;

4.1.3. a citizen of the UAE or a foreign national, but have a residence on the territory of the UAE;

4.1.4. not being an employee of the Organizer, and/or an affiliated person of the Organizer.

4.2. Violation of the requirements stipulated by this Terms, including those placed to the Participants of the Promotion, revealed during the Promotion or at the time of awarding the Prize, entails the disqualification, i.e. invalidity of the status of the Participant and/or the Winner of the Promotion respectively (disqualification).

5. The Winner and the results of the Promotion

5.1. The Winner of the Promotion, unless otherwise provided in the Information message is determined via software, which identify the winner randomly. The other ways to determine the Winner:

  • on the basis of the jury decision, which includes the employees of the Organizer;
  • in a different way, stipulated in the information message.

5.2. The results of the Promotion shall be placed by the Organizer in the official group of the Organizer in social network Facebook (https://www.facebook.com), unless another procedure for posting the results is specified in the Information message at the 2GIS Application.
5.3. Awarding of the prize to the winner

5.3.1 Within 2 (two) months from the moment of the announcement of the Winner, the Organizer is contacted with Winner to agree on the order and method of drawing the Prize. Connection with the Winner is carried out by the Organizer by sending an Information message to the e-mail address and/or to the account on the social network specified when registering in 2GIS application, if the registration was carried out through a social network.

5.3.2. The award procedure, including the requirement of presence of a representative of Dubai DED or necessity to provide of prizes at its disposal upon the expiration of the period of issuance (where it is required by law), is determined in accordance with the UAE law.

5.3.3. The Prize is awarded after identification of the winner on the basis of the relevant document (for example, ID card/Passport).

5.3.4. From the moment the Winner receives the Prize, he or she bears all risks of accidental loss or damage.

5.4. The prize is considered unclaimed if the Organizer can not contact with the Participant recognized by the Winner, via exchanging Information messages in the social network, within 2 (two) months from the date of the announcement of the Winner, and/or in case of failure to receive from the Winner documents and information that are prerequisite for the issuance of the prize, according to paragraph 5.3.2. of these Terms.

5.5. the Organizer has the right to refuse to award the Prize in the event that:

- a person who claims to be recognized as the winner and to receive a prize is not considered as such in accordance with result of the Promotion;

- during the period specified in the Terms, the Winner do not provide documents and information, which are the prerequisite for the issue of the Prize, in accordance with  5.3.2. of these Terms.

5.6. The participant can not transfer and/or otherwise alienate his or her rights related to participation in the Promotion to a third party.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. The Organizer is not liable for the failure or improper performance of its obligations due to failures in telecommunication and/or energy networks, the actions of malicious programs, as well as the unfair actions of third parties aimed at unauthorized access and/or disabling of the Organizer's software and/or hardware.

6.2. The participant agrees to take part in promotional interviews about participation in the Promotion, including interviews for radio and television, as well as for other media, and also provide consent for the Organizer and/or third parties to perform his or her photo and video shooting, and also to use the created photo and video recordings with the with him or her without obtaining additional consent for such use and without paying any fee for such use, including in the media, in particular, in advertising purposes, with the right to transfer the right to use these photos and videos with image of the Participant to third parties.

6.3. The Organizer is entitled to unilaterally amend these Terms without prior notification to the Participants of the Promotion both before the start of the Promotion and at any time after the start of the Promotion.

6.4. Amendments to the Terms and conditions of the Promotion shall be permitted in the manner and within the terms established by the legislation of the United Arab Emirates.

6.5. Decisions made by the Organizer in accordance with the Terms of the Promotion on all issues related to the Promotion shall be deemed final.

6.6. The Participant of the Promotion undertakes not to declare, not to post, not to publish, and not to be the reason and/or initiator of placement, publication on the Internet, mass media or otherwise of information, messages, materials capable of damaging the business reputation of the Organizer through negative comments or in another way (negative feedback in written and oral form, etc.).

6.7. These Rules, as well as any Participant’s or Organizer’s activities associated with the Promotion, are governed by the legislation of the United Arab Emirates.